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At the beginning of September 2019, Apple presented its new brainchild, iPhone 11, which is essentially the second generation of iPhone XR. It’s most eye-catching distinctive feature is the dual/triple camera that sits under the back panel glass. Having refused from OLED displays in favor of LCD, Apple has managed to cut down the prices for the basic model of the lineup. Read below to learn about all new features of iPhone 11, its prices, and where to find the manuals and user guides that will make your iPhone 11 experience the most pleasant and convenient.

User Guide To iPhone 11

Design Of iPhone 11

Overall, the design of iPhone 11 has not undergone game-changing modifications and maintains the traditional streamlined appearance. What’s supposed to freshen up the user experience is the new iOS 13. The 2019 model lineup includes three versions of the smartphone: the basic one with 6.1” display, the Pro model with 5.8”, and the Max Pro version with 6.5”. Apple has taken measures to enhance the durability of the screens.
The smartphone retained the XR body with all its features and peculiarities. The basic model boasts of a more gentle, pastel color palette, which includes yellow, green, and purple, in addition to the more standard look of Product Red, black, and white. The Pro models are available in four elegant colors: the classic grey, Space Grey and gold, and the stunning Midnight Green.
The glass panels have remained shiny, while the metal frames are still matte. The basic model is noticeably inferior to the Pro versions in terms of giving the user a “frameless” feel. The new triple camera module in the Pro models looks very bold, but it does not take long to get used to and makes the Apple smartphones stand out among the competitors. Noteworthy changes are the repositioning of the Apple logo and the lack of the “iPhone” text on the back panel.

The Camera Module In iPhone 11

The most recognizable and disputed feature of the 2019 iPhone lineup is the triple camera module in the Pro models. In this regard, Apple has brought to life two major innovations: a super wide-angle camera and a night mode. The Pro smartphones come with three modules, each with a resolution of 12 MP:

  • the usual wide-angle camera with 26 mm focal length and ƒ/1.8 aperture;
  • the telephoto camera with 52 mm and ƒ/2.0. This camera is absent in the basic model;
  • the ultra-wide camera with 120° capture angle, 13 mm focal length, and ƒ/2.4.aperture.

A rarely mentioned minor change is that the flash now has only two diodes, while the last year’s models had four.
The frontal camera now has 12 MP, f/2.2 aperture, and the capability to record 4k videos with up to 60 fps. A notable feature is the recording of 120 fps slow-motion videos in the Full HD resolution, which received the curious name “Slofie”.

Main New Features in iPhone 11

  • Prolonged battery life: In comparison with last year’s XR, iPhone 11 lasts 60 minutes longer, according to the rated battery life specifications in the user guides and manuals.
  • Apple’s fastest mobile CPU, A13 Bionic. It’s six cores are divided into the 2-core performance module and the 4-core efficiency module. Its speed is up to 20% higher than in the previous-generation central processing units, while its power consumption is up to 40% lower.
  • U1 Ultra Wideband technology that allows for incredibly high precision of the smartphone’s location.
  • Enhanced FaceID speed brought to life by the new operating system iOS 13.
  • Spacial audio. Thanks to a new virtual decoder, iPhone 11 is capable of simulating surround sound on certain media files.
  • Waterproofness by the IP68 standard. The smartphone can stay under meters of water for up to half an hour.
  • Night mode. The new camera and operating system coupled with an intelligent software component made it possible for high-quality low-light photographs without using the flash.
  • Audio zoom when recording videos. When you zoom in on the subject of your video, the microphone will focus on it, creating an impression of moving closer towards the subject.

iPhone 11 Prices In Different Countries

If you’ve been eager to purchase Apple’s new smartphone, your dream can now come true, as the 2019 crop of iPhones became available in stores on September 20. As usual, Apple fans in the second-batch countries had to wait for longer, until September 27, to put their hands on the new model. Due to the intricacies of exchange rates and taxes, the prices for iPhone 11 are not the same in all countries either.
In the product’s motherland, the United States, the iPhone 11 pricing starts at $699 for the 64 GB model and reaches $1449 for the Pro Max version with 512 GB, which is the world’s cheapest price for the latter. Japanese buyers can get the basic model at the lowest cost in the world: only $692. In Norway, it is the most costly and comes at $947. The Pro Max 512 GB model has the world’s highest price in the Russian market: $2053, which is 604 dollars more expensive than in the US.

iPhone 11 User Guide

With the abundance of new features, there is a demand for high-quality user guides and manuals that will help you get started with your iPhone 11 and make every stage of its usage convenient and comfortable. If you need a user guide or manual for your iPhone 11, or its Pro/Pro Max version, the first place you should visit is the Help section of the Apple.com website. You will find the necessary information in the form of accessible guides and manuals that will guide you through your first acquaintance with the device and explain how to set it up for comfortable usage.
The provided guides and manuals also cover the main new features introduced in this year’s lineup and contain the guidelines for efficient use of the main standard features, including Siri. With the help of these manuals and user guides, you’ll be able to adjust all settings following your personal preferences, learn how to use the standard, pre-installed apps to your advantage, how to share various files with your family or coworkers, and how to connect your smartphone to other devices. The user guides and manuals also contain information on the confidentiality of your information, the safety of use of iPhone 11, as well as software reset or restoration of the device.

iPhone 11 Manual Pdf:

Read Online or Download from our server: iPhone 11 User Manual Pdf

Official iPhone 11 User Guide: https://help.apple.com/iphone/11/

To know more about Apple iPhone 11 please visit official Apple iPhone webpage: http://www.apple.com/iphone/

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